#ArtIsEgo Journaling Games

Due to the content of one of the journaling games mentioned in this post, it comes with a trigger warning: natural disasters (flooding). The post resumes after a text break. 

Hey all!

I recently released a pair of solo journaling games as part of the #ArtIsEgo jam! You can explore the jam on itch and via its twitter hashtag! Find my entries on the Spilled Ale Studios itch storefront. Both games are pay what you want, and are released under a Creative Commons license that enables you to make your own games using the same resolution mechanics.

Flee the Flood  imagines a near-future world in which climate change has reached an apocalyptic crisis point. The player takes on the role of a person trapped in a storm-ravaged city as the floodwaters begin to rise. Somehow, you must gather the tools and resources to build a raft or other escape vehicle. As you play you’ll use a deck of cards to generate narrative seeds through which you’ll craft your own story of success or failure. You’ll record this experience through the medium of journal entries.
Bleakest Knight  takes the resolution mechanics used in Flee the Flood and tells a very different story: The one night of crime and chaos that either makes or breaks a masked vigilante’s career. Before play you’ll develop your vigilante identity and a Rogue’s Gallery of supervillains. The narrative seeds you generate help you discover if you foiled their villainous plots, and whether any escaped to challenge you again another day!