Just arrived – The Wasteland Wanderer Character Record!

It was recently pointed out to me that it would be easier to use Wasteland Wanderers with a character sheet that accounts for rules changes from the core 5e game, as well as the optional rules for facilitating post-apocalyptic play.

Such character sheets technically existed already. One of my priorities when designing Wasteland Wanderers was ensuring it was completely compatible with the Fifth Edition Fallout rules hack. I wanted it to stand alone as a tool for enabling play in homebrew worlds, but also to act as an enhancement if used with the hack. As such, the pdf and google sheet character sheets I created for Fifth Edition Fallout hack long ago are compatible. But I’ve neglected to provide a generic option for games set in homebrew worlds for too long.

As of today, you can now download the Wasteland Wanderer Character Record anywhere Wasteland Wanderers is sold, including here on spilledale.com. The Wasteland Wanderer Character Record comes in 8 flavours depending on whether your wasteland is irradiated or warped by dimensional energy, and whether you use experience-based or milestone leveling. As you’ll see in the previews below, the character record makes use of trackers in the margins for death saving throws, exhaustion and radiation or warp energy exposure and poisoning, starvation, dehydration, and addiction. To make best use of these trackers, you’ll need either paper clips or small bull dog clips.

A more accessible larger print version is also in the works!

wasteland worlds character sheet preview page 1wasteland worlds character sheet preview page 2 wasteland worlds character sheet preview page 3wasteland worlds character sheet preview page 4