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Get revved up! Wasteland Wheels roars onto the scene!

Wasteland Wheels is the third book in our Wasteland Worlds product line. It took a long road to get here, but it’s finally arrived!

wasteland wheels promo image

Wasteland Wheels is all about vehicles. It includes all the rules you need to create vehicle encounters and new character options with features that engage with those new rules. Vehicles can add occasional variety to your campaigns, or can be a major focus of a wasteland setting (think Mad Max!). Either way, Wasteland Wheels provides the tools you need to create new types of wasteland adventure. You can also use this book to add vehicles to a modern era campaign.

Let’s take a glimpse at the contents of Wasteland Wheels.


First, let’s look at the reason you’re buying this book: the vehicle rules. The vehicle rules chapter provides everything you need to run a vehicle encounter. There is also a chapter on grid rules to support playing with miniatures or tokens. In addition to the usual “creature scale”, Wasteland Wheels provides guidance for two other scales: vehicle and macro. When most creatures involved in the encounter begin it in or on a vehicle, vehicle scale allows you to set up a map that is more appropriate for vehicle size and speeds. Macro scale abstracts the squares of the grid and is appropriate for encounters involving particularly large or very fast vehicles.

The optional vehicle card rules in Wasteland Wheels add an exciting randomising element to vehicle encounters, creating events like obstacles and sudden faults. Included with the book are print-ready files for A4 and US Letter so you can make your own decks. You can also buy a print on demand version of this deck!

Wasteland Wheels includes 41 vehicle statblocks: inside you’ll find a large variety of cars, motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles; trucks; buses; airplanes and helicopters; and even submarines! As well as civilian vehicles, there are also statblocks for military vehicles. All statblocks are provided as “stock” vehicles, so you can also use them in any campaign which uses modern vehicles. The book’s vehicle mods system provides the tools you need to alter a regular vehicle into a sweet wasteland ride!

Sample spread: Minivan and Street Bike statblocks

Player Options

Wasteland Wheels isn’t just for the Guide. You’ll find 7 player archetypes inside: one each for the Savage, Scientist, Scoundrel, Scout, Shepherd, and Soldier (Wasteland Wanderers), plus another for the Sidekick (Wasteland Wares). The new archetypes have features that interact with the optional vehicle cards rules in the book. The archetypes are designed in such a way that they are still competitive for play when the vehicle cards aren’t used.

These options include:

  • The Roadrager, a new archetype for the Savage. 
  • The Grease Monkey, a new archetype for the Scientist.
  • The Daredevil, a new archetype for the Scoundrel.
  • The Rough Rider, a new archetype for the Scout.
  • The Convoy Commander, a new archetype for the Shepherd.
  • The Combat Medic, a new archetype for the Sidekick.
  • The Gunner, a new archetype for the Soldier.
Sample spread: Archetypes intro and the Roadrager archetype

Where to Buy

You can buy Wasteland Wheels right here on spilledale.com!

The book is also available at our itch store and on DriveThruRPG.

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