Updated Pricing for 2023

I have made the difficult decision to increase the prices of Spilled Ale Studios products due to the rapidly rising cost of living here in the UK. The planned new pricing is indicated in the table below. A Pay What You Want product (“(PWYW)” in the table) will remain Pay What You Want, the change will simply be reflected in its suggested price.

This change will not be immediate: updated pricing will go into effect from January 2023, so you still have time to purchase any product you’re interested in at its current price.

Arcane Archetypes: Hedge Wizard (PWYW)0.600.70
Ashes of Evensong4.995.85
Atypical Adventurers: Class-Based Ability Scores (PWYW)0.500.60
Awesome Options: Signature Powers3.494.10
Boldly Going2.502.95
Boldly Going 2: Followers of Feyless4.004.70
Choose Your Weapon3.994.70
Draconomicon: Dragonbound3.994.70
Draconomicon: Gem Dragons2.993.50
Draconomicon: Mantragons (PWYW)0.500.60
Draconomicon: Orange Dragons (PWYW)0.500.60
Draconomicon: Purple Dragons (PWYW)0.500.60
Draconomicon: Yellow Dragons (PWYW)0.500.60
Elminster’s Esoterica: Power of Blood0.500.60
Fantastic Familiars2.993.50
Ghostwalker: Eidolon4.495.25
Heroes of Song1.992.35
Hybrid Archetypes: Fist Fighter (PWYW)0.500.60
Martial Archetypes: Legendary Hero (PWYW)0.600.70
Monastic Archetypes: Prognosticator Militant (PWYW)0.600.70
Monstrous Monograph: Humanoids Volume 1 (Desert Dwellers)1.802.15
Monstrous Monograph: Monstrosities Volume 11.001.20
Monstrous Monograph: Undead Volume 11.201.40
Roguish Archetype: Sapper (PWYW)0.600.70
The Awakened Item2.993.50
The Explorer1.992.35
The Explorer 21.291.55
The Patron Primer6.007.00
The Shepherd1.992.35
The Stranger: a Wasteland Wanderer5.997.00
Wasteland Wanderers9.9913.00
Wasteland Wares11.9913.00
Wasteland Wheels11.9913.00
Wasteland Wheels Vehicle Cards19.0021.00
Wasteland Woes Early Access15.0017.50