Announcing a new 5e Fallout Stream: The Burning Winds

Fantastic news! I’ve just learned of another stream you Fallout fans will be able to watch very soon! And guess what? It’s not the game @ZerthSpirit has recently teased us with. Nope, it’s another new game!

The Burning Winds is GMed by @CaptainR3boot. The game starts airing tomorrow at 1pm PST/4pm EST. The first session will be live character creation, so be sure to check that out to get a good feel for the player characters.

This brings the total of concurrent streams up to three, with four expected once @ZerthSpirit‘s begins. Just amazing!

In related news, because Fifth Edition Fallout live plays seem to be growing in popularity (and I love it!) I figured it was high time that I kept a record of the games somewhere for the convenience of the fans.

You can now keep track of what games are happening and where you can find them over on the wiki’s stream log!