5e Fallout: Antagonistic Aliens!

More Fifth Edition Fallout news already? Yup. I hope you appreciate all these nice things I’m making for you!

As the title suggests, I’ve finally gotten round to adding aliens to the game! Now your wastelanders can run across lone pilots of crashed saucers or get beamed up to the mothership for a zany offworld adventure! In addition to statblocks, the addition of aliens also means access to some new alien weaponry!

This update includes:


  • Alien Worker (CR 0)
  • Alien Crewman (CR 2)
  • Alien Ensign (CR 4)
  • Alien Lieutenant (CR 6)
  • Alien Lieutenant Commander (CR 9)
  • Alien Commander (CR 12)
  • Alien Captain (CR 15)

Alien Robots

  • Support Drone (CR 1)
  • Guardian Drone (CR 6)
  • Experimental Weapons Drone (CR 7)
  • Alien Turret (CR 2)

Alien Weapons

  • Alien Atomizer
  • Alien Disintegrator
  • Alien Shock Baton
  • Drone Cannon
  • Drone Cannon Ex-B