5e Fallout: Sinister Synths!

Wow, two updates today! This one’s for fans of Fifth Edition Fallout.

I bet you’ve been wondering when I’d next get around to updating the bestiary. Well wonder no more! As of today, synth statblocks are available on the wiki. This is a relatively small update by the standards of the past, but small batches like this is likely to be the new norm now I’m past the blitz to add enough monsters to make the game playable. Because it is a small update, I’ll wait until there’s a larger batch before uploading a new version of the PDF.

This update includes:


  • Gen-1 Synths
    • Synth (CR 1/2)
    • Synth Strider (CR 1)
    • Synth Patroller (CR 4)
    • Synth Seeker (CR 5)
    • Synth Trooper (CR 6)
    • Synth Assaulter (CR 9)
    • Synth Stormer (CR 11)
  • Gen-2 Synths
    • Synth Leader (CR 3)
    • Synth Eradicator (CR 14)
  • Gen-3 Synths
    • The deadly Courser! (CR 20, Legendary)