5e: Wasteland Wares – Post-Apocalyptic Equipment!

When I first wrote Wasteland Wanderers, I didn’t really think of anything more than a one-off. The idea was simply to create a set of classes and archetypes that would be a perfect fit for Fifth Edition Fallout and other Post-Apocalyptic games as a superior option to reskinning the fantasy-themed classes of the core 5e game.

But player classes are just one small part of any game, and it dawned on me that there were further helpful resources for Post-Apocalyptic play yet to be written. So I began to write them…

Today I’m announcing Wasteland Wares, but post-apoc fans might be interested to know I’ve also already written a chunk of the next entry: Wasteland Woes will contain creatures, traps, and rules for weather and hazards encountered in various types of wastelands including radioactive wastes, deserts, frozen wastes, and water worlds. After that, I’ve got further plans for a fourth supplement called Wasteland Wheels, which will include vehicle rules and statblocks so the Mad Max fans out there can get their fix.

Wasteland Wares – Out Now!

Wasteland Wares is the second installment in the series I call “Wasteland Worlds” in the privacy of my own head. As of the time you’re reading this, it’s been released and is available right now on DriveThruRPG.com. It’s 76 pages worth of items and rules, including:

  • Guidance on the Wasteland economy, power sources, damage types, and resource scarcity.
  • Rules for radiation sickness, addiction, and dehydration and starvation.
  • Lists of armour, power armour, weapons, armour and weapon modifcations, explosives, chems, food and drink, a masses of miscellaneous gear, and Wasteland trinkets.
  • A sample of robots.
  • Rules for cybernetics enhancements and implants.
  • Weird properties you can add to weapons and armour.

Some of that sounds familiar…

If you’re thinking that, you’re right. I’m not trying to play anyone for a fool here—if you choose to purchase Wasteland Wares you’ll find a lot of content that is reproduced from game mechanics originally appearing in Fifth Edition Fallout, whether it be weapons and modifications or rules for radiation sickness, starvation, and dehydration. The reproduced content couldn’t be left out of a supplement intended to be a complete resource, and it would have been crazy to try and reinvent the wheel on my own work.

So why should anyone purchase Wasteland Wares, when a fair portion of it is already available for free in the Fifth Edition Fallout rules?

Simply put: You don’t have to. There is a lot that Fifth Edition Fallout is missing, and Wasteland Wares fills in some of those gaps, but you can get by without it just fine. Just ask DumpStatCharisma and Forgebreaker Gaming, two gaming groups that have streamed games of Fifth Edition Fallout using the rules as-is.

But Wasteland Wares is here for you if you want:

  • A table and descriptions of miscellaneous Post-Apocalyptic gear (over 100 items)
  • The prices of Wasteland crops, livestock, and common types of robot.
  • What you’ll pay to hire someone as a courier, an entertainer, a labourer, or a servant.
  • How much it costs to visit the local doctor, have a haircut, or get your boots repaired.
  • The option for player characters to self-improve with cybernetics, and rules for risks encountered during surgery and after-care.
  • Revised and expanded rules, including an alternative method of handling radiation poisoning from damage received, as well as an abstract method for dealing with ammo.

You could also choose to look at purchasing Wasteland Wares as a way to support the considerable work and passion I’ve thrown into Fifth Edition Fallout, in which case, I sincerely appreciate it!

Wasteland Wanderers Update

If you’ve previously purchased Wasteland Wanderers, you’ll want to download the latest copy of it as its also been updated today! The important changes are some tweaks and clarifications to the Scientist class, but the PDF has also received a design overhaul to match the look of Wasteland Wares and future entries in the product line.