Fifth Edition Fallout News: King’s Ransom announced!

A few weeks back when I announced my own stream, The Hunt For Spring-Heeled Jack, I teased another upcoming game. I didn’t want to say much more at the time. After all, the group in question had made no announcement of their own. Just a couple of hours ago at the time of writing, they’ve officially pulled back the curtain!

I can now confirm that the marvellous folks at DumpStatCharisma will start streaming their own Fifth Edition Fallout show! The first episode Of Fallout: King’s Ransom airs on their twitch channel, May 1st at 5:30pm PST!

Announcing Fallout: King's Ransom, the newest addition to our lineup of Tabletop #RPG shows!

The first episode of King's Ransom will be live on #Twitch May 1st at 5:30pm PST!

We'll be using @spilledale's 5e Fallout system! #WeRP #Fallout #Fallout4

— DumpStat Charisma (@dumpstatcha) April 4, 2018

As a point of clarification, other than creating the Fifth Edition Fallout rules they’ll be using and answering their questions about said rules, I’m not personally connected to the show. But I’m extremely proud that Fifth Edition Fallout resonated enough with the DumpStatCharisma crew that they’ve added it to their lineup. I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to see what stories these guys tell with the aid of the rules I’ve written!

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