5e Fallout: Savage Shellfish and Lethal Lizards

After the successful first episode of my Fallout stream earlier this month, it seemed high time to get around to another update to the Fifth Edition Fallout rules. With this update, the PDF Sourcebook has reached 200 pages worth of content and is once again up to date with the wiki content (briefly more up to date in fact, until I add a few of the new beasts to the wiki).

New Monstrous Additions to Fifth Edition Fallout

This update completes the “Beasts” category of the bestiary and includes the following new creature statblocks:

Aquatic Beasts

  • Anglers
    • Angler (CR 3)
    • Glowing Angler (CR 6)
    • Venomous Angler (CR 8)
  • Fog Crawler
    • Fog Crawler (CR 5)
    • Glowing Fog Crawler (CR 7)
    • Skuling Fog Crawler (CR 8)
    • Pale Fog Crawler (10)
    • Enraged Fog Crawler (CR 11)
  • Ghoul Whales
    • Grey Ghoul Whale (CR 18)
    • Blue Ghoul Whale (CR 23)
  • Giant Catfish
    • Giant Catfish (CR 9)
  • Gulpers
    • Gulper Newt (CR 1/4)
    • Young Gulper (CR 1)
    • Gulper (CR 3)
    • Glowing Gulper (CR 7)
    • Gulper Devourer (CR 9)
  • Hermit Crab
    • Hermit Crab (CR 15)


  • Bighorners
    • Bighorner Calf (CR 1/4)
    • Young Bighorner (CR 1)
    • Bighorner (CR 4)
    • Bighorner Bull (CR 5)
  • Brahmiluffs
    • Brahmiluff (CR 3)
  • Brahmin
    • Brahmin (CR 2)
    • Brahmin (CR 4)
  • Geckos
    • Young Gecko (CR 1/2)
    • Young Gecko Hunter (CR 1/2)
    • Gecko (CR 1)
    • Gecko Hunter (CR 2)
    • Young Golden Gecko (CR 2)
    • Golden Gecko (CR 4)
    • Young Gecko (CR 4)
    • Young Fire Gecko (CR 3)
    • Fire Gecko (CR 6)
    • Young Green Gecko (CR 5)
    • Green Gecko (CR 8)
    • Giant Green Gecko (CR 12)
  • Ghoulrillas
    • Ghoulrilla (CR 3)
    • Ghoulrilla King (CR 7)
  • Kangaroos
    • Horned Kangaroo (CR 2)
  • Pit Vipers
    • Pit Viper (CR 3)
  • Rad-Rats
    • Rad-Rat Pup (CR 0)
    • Mangy Rad-Rat Pup (CR 0)
    • Infected Rad-Rat Pup (CR 1/2)
    • Rad-Rat (CR 1/2)
    • Mangy Rad-Rat (CR 1)
    • Infected Rad-Rat (CR 3)
    • Plagued Rad-Rat (CR 5)

Night Stalkers

  • Young Night Stalker (CR 1/2)
  • Night Stalker (CR 3)
  • Night Stalker Den Mother (CR 6)

Other Updates

This update isn’t just about monsters! In fact, quite a lot of new content has been added and a few corrections have been made. Changes are noted below:


  • Caravanner background now grants Intimidation and Persuasion (changed from Perception and Survival).
  • Addition of Courier background.

Classes and Archetypes

  • Updated the “Hunter’s Skills” variant for the Fighter’s Monster Hunter archetype.


  • Pip-Boy added to the tools list.


  • Clarified that helmets are not required to wear a complete “armour set” (a set includes a chest piece and four limbs).
  • Since I recently added the Brotherhood and soon plan to add the Enclave, who have a few unique new power armour variants, I decided to take a close look at the power armour rules. The following additions and changes have been added to the text:
    • Two new power armours added: Advanced Power Armour Mk I and Advanced Power Armour Mk II.
    • Enclave Tesla and Hellfire Power Armour variants have been handled as Material Modifications that can be applied to each power armour piece—look for Hellfire Shielding and Tesla Redistribution System.
    • Rules for Power Armour have received a substantial overhaul, and now include:
      • An attacker may now choose which body slot to target with a critical hit, bypassing power armour if the slot is empty/has zero hit points.
      • Radiation damage bypasses power armour (making it more attractive in spite of its limitations to human foes), though sealed power armour can improve Rad Resist and Lead Plating can offer radiation resistance to the wearer.
      • A variant system for fully randomising damage to power armour
      • Two new conditions for substandard power armour: defective and busted.
      • Detailed rules for what happens when a piece of power armour runs out of hit points, with the possibility of being permanently destroyed or become defective/busteds.
    • Corrections to the Lead Plating, Titanium Plating, and Winterized Coating power armour modifications.
      • Titanium Plating and Winterized Coating now grant damage resistance to the specific piece of power armour that has the modification.
      • Lead Plating now grants radiation resistance against any attack that bypasses the specific piece of power armour that has the modification.
  • Corrected references to “lightning damage” within the equipment section to “electrical damage”.
  • Added addiction DCs to chems.
  • Clarified number of modifications that can normally be applied to a melee weapon (one).


  • Added two diseases: Vault 81 Mole Rat Disease and Waste Plague.

GM Advice

  • Added section on NPCs, and Ammunition and Ammunition as Loot.

Additional Updates

  • The usual round of typographical and formatting fixes.