5e: Fifth Edition Fallout News – Fall Britannia Lore added to wiki!

As I mentioned back in November, I’ve been developing a homebrew setting for use with my Fifth Edition Fallout rules. The setting is called Fall Britannia, and takes a look at what the post-apocalyptic remnants of the United Kingdom might look like in the Fallout universe.

Fall Britannia logo © RDD Wilkin / Spilled Ale Studios. Personal use permitted. Do not redistribute.

Although still a work in progress, I decided to update the Fifth Edition Fallout Wiki with all the setting lore I’ve created so far. This is chiefly because I intend to set the one-shot live play game, as well as any future games I might choose to stream, in this new part of Fallout‘s world. Specifically, in The Smoke—or London, to us. Since the time to run the live play is creeping very close now (only 115 followers to go to reach the target!), now seemed as good a time as any to flesh out my notes and share them. This way, my players will have access to some lore when creating their characters, and anyone who watches the stream can look into the lore for a bit of background context.

You can therefore start exploring Fall Britannia right now if you want to be caught up before the game, if you might like to GM in the setting yourself, or if you’re simply curious about what’s different! Visit the Fall Britannia index page, or simply use the wiki’s navigation bar to explore the Fall Britannia section.

Lore added to the wiki currently includes sections on pre-War history; pre-War brands; wasteland factions; notes on which species are present including a new species, the dearg dubh; equipment; and guidance on which creatures from the Fifth Edition Fallout bestiary might appear in Fallen Britain.

Newman’s Atomic Iron Brew, a soft drink in Fallen Britain. Logo © RDD Wilkin / Spilled Ale Studios. Personal use permitted. Do not redistribute.


Fall Britannia naturally has its own mutant creatures in addition to the many creatures from the core rules that can also be found in Fallen Britain. I’ve already statted out a small number of these new foes.

Truth be told, I wasn’t planning to add any to the wiki just yet as I thought it might be better to keep them under wraps so they’d remain a surprise in the event I use them in my streamed game. However, apparently January 21st is Squirrel appreciation day, so how could I not honour the little critters by sharing the statblocks for radsquirrels!

Check them out here!

Radsquirrels appear all over Fallen Britain (and I see no reason you couldn’t add them to games set in North America).

Resource Update

I’ve also updated the resources section of the navbar to include links to some very useful tools:

NUKEMAP is an excellent resource if, like me, you are considering running Fifth Edition Fallout outside of any of the canonical settings, or want to develop an at least sort-of-believable setting for any other game set in a post-nuclear apocalypse. By placing a number of nuke locations and setting factors such as nuclear yield, wind direction, and wind speed, you can model the theoretical impact of those nukes. It’s extremely useful, not to mention rather interesting to experiment with (but also downright terrifying).

Visit wizardawn’s post-apocalyptic section to find generators for post-apocalyptic maps and scavenged items. On the bottom left of the page you’ll also see a section entitled “Supplements” that has an extremely handy PDF of tables for randomly generating wasteland garbage.