Product Announcement: Significant update to Draconomicon: Dragonbound now live on DMsGuild

Based on feedback received since its release, my D&D Fifth Edition class the Dragonbound has received a significant overhaul. Version 2 features some major changes! If you’ve previously purchased the class or downloaded the Try Before You Buy version, please make sure to download the update from your account at and please continue to feed back on this class if you have any thoughts on its design or balance. If this is your first time hearing about the class, a description follows.

“Up above the clouds, a high elf in thick layers and protective eyewear rides a silver dragon, a message cylinder that will affect the history of nations clipped securely to her belt. 

A brass dragon and her human companion plod across the scorched sands of the desert in the direction of an ancient ruin that legend says contains enough treasures to satisfy even their combined avarice. 

 A red dragon descends from the night sky, carrying a dragonborn of the very same hue. The dragon spits flame, igniting the fabric tents below, as both dragon and rider relish the screams of fear and pain from their enemies. 

Dragonbound are humanoids who, by tradition or chance, find their fates intrinsically intertwined with the destiny of a dragon. The two become partners, bound to a closeness exceeding even that of family by links of ritual and magic.”

If you’re interested in playing a hero with a dragon companion, check it out here!