Product Announcements: Fist Fighters, Legendary Heroes, and Prognosticators Militant are live on DMs Guild!

Three D&D 5e archetypes previously published on this blog have now been prettied up and uploaded to DMsGuild! They have all been released as Pay What You Want. If you enjoy this blog, please consider purchasing any of these archetypes or my other DMsGuild products.

You can find them at the links below:

Fist Fighters (A Monk/Fighter Hybrid Archetype)


“Fist fighters are unarmed specialists. Unlike monks, who channel the mysterious power of ki to attain unworldly abilities, they face and overcome the challenges of the world with nothing but sheer grit and clenched fists.

Fist fighters are most commonly found in underground arenas and seedy taverns throughout the world, plying their violent trade. But a few have loftier ambitions in mind. They take up adventuring to prove that their iron bodies are the match of magic, monsters, and the cold steel of weapon-wielding warriors. Foolhardy as such a quest may be, pure moxie can carry a fist fighter surprisingly far.”

This hybrid archetype is selected at 1st level by a Monk, and requires you to multiclass into the Fighter. It capitalises on features from both class to create a Fighter who can hold their own in unarmed combat.

Legendary Heroes (A Fighter Archetype)


“Legendary Heroes are warriors tied up in a great destiny, often to save the world and defeat a deadly evil.

Warriors first and foremost, legendary heroes are strong, steadfast, and bold. But their martial skill and dauntless spirit are not the only weapons at their disposal. They also inherit mysterious relics and powers, known as legendary gifts, which better equip them to face their destiny.

These champions are often fated to arise from birth, but can also become chosen after they knowingly or unwittingly satisfy the criteria of a prophecy. They might be chosen by gods or mysterious higher powers, or the inheritor of the strength and hopes of an ancient or advanced civilisation. A rare few are self-made, forging themselves into fated heroes through a combination of iron will and the rare fortune to stumble upon and prove themselves worthy of a legendary gift.”

Prognosticators Militant (A Monk Archetype)


“The Order of the Prognosticators Militant is a sect of warrior monks dedicated to the Red Knight that seeks out children with divinatory gifts. Typically such seers as the Order recruits are blind, the price they pay for their sight beyond sight.

In spite of their physical blindness, a Prognosticator Militant is far from helpless. They are taught to channel their divinatory powers to replace their eyes. In spite of their eyeless masks they flow gracefully through combat entirely unimpeded, a sight to instill fear in any foe.”