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The Spilled Ale Studios Character Bundle!

Contains: Awesome Options: Signature PowersDraconomicon: DragonboundHeroes of SongThe Awakened ItemThe ExplorerThe Explorer 2

Please note that the character bundle has been reduced by only 25.05%. However, this means the bundle’s total discount including the reduction already included equals 50%. The discount is therefore the same as buying the products separately, choose the bundle for convenience if planning to pick up all its contents anyway.

Ashes of Evensong

Awesome Options: Signature Powers

Draconomicon: Dragonbound

Draconomicon: Gem Dragons

Elminster’s Eldritch Esoterica: Power of Blood

Fantastic Familiars

Ghostwalker: Eidolon

Heroes of Song

Monstrous Monograph: Humanoids Volume 1

Monstrous Monograph: Monstrosities Volume 1

Races of Gallian: The Dremund

Races of Gallian: The Hobben

The Awakened Item

The Explorer

The Explorer 2

The Shepherd

Wasteland Wanderers

Wasteland Wares