5e: Ghostwalker: Eidolon is now available on DMsGuild!

My latest product is out now on DMsGuild.com!

Ghostwalker: Eidolon revisits the concept of Eidolons, or corporeal ghosts, which first appeared in the D&D 3.5 campaign setting Ghostwalk. Ghostwalker: Eidolon converts the Eidolon and Eidoloncer classes to D&D 5e without relying on the lore of the Ghostwalk setting. Strictly setting neutral, you can use this product to create  the Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Ravnica, Eberron, or other setting of your choice. Furthermore, Ghostwalker: Eidolon introduces the concept of soul anchors, portable items that have the power to bind a soul to the material plane and allow the recently deceased to manifest corporeally. Unlike a manifest ward which has a similar effect in a limited geographical region, soul anchors can be carried with the eidolon and allow it to continue taking part in adventures!

In addition to the Ghostwalker class itself, this product also includes additional character options including feats and spells!

Ghostwalker: Eidolon cover
(incorporates stock art by https://www.shutterstock.com/g/WarmTail)

Preview pages from the interior of Ghostwalker Eidolon, featuring the art of Fabrizio Fioretti

Ghostwalker: Eidolon is a 30 page PDF which contains:

  • Rules for Eidolons (ghosts made corporeal, eidolons can still walk the material plane and interact with the living).
  • The Ghostwalker class. A unique trait of the class is that it gets few core features. Instead, you get to decide for yourself what sort of ghostly powers your character develops by selecting 3 paths from a choice of 7: Corruptor, Dominator, Eidoloncer, Haunt, Poltergeist, Shaper, and Traveller. You can choose your 3 paths in any order, meaning that even two Ghostwalkers with the same paths can have different class feature progressions and thus a very different play experience.  
  • 3 new feats.
  • 27 new magic spells.
  • Fantastic interior art by Fabrizio Fioretti.