Introducing Ramshackle!

As one journey ends, so another begins. This next journey take us far from the wasteland of an alternate Earth, to another more fantastical world and a city that floats on the ocean: Ramshackle!

Ramshackle mock cover.
Includes stock art © Anthony Cournoyer & © Daniel Comerci,
used with permission.

I’ve been working on Ramshackle for a little while now, and I’ve been teasing lore on twitter, so some of you will already be familiar. I’m excited to share this fantasy city setting with the rest of you!

Founded by pirates and smugglers, Ramshackle is constructed on the backs of sailing vessels and built-for-purpose platforms somewhere on the ocean roughly between continents, making it the perfect place for inter-continental trade (legal or otherwise). Under the stewardship of a council of commodores and magistrates led by the immortal admiral Antana “Firemane” Lecheq, Ramshackle has become a powerful city state in its own right. The city refuses to police the crimes its citizens might commit outside of its own waters and thus remains a thriving haven of corsairs and illegal trade. Ramshackle’s dedication to neutrality also makes it a natural destination for exiles and those whose work would be seen as immoral or unethical in their homeland. All come together in a glorious multicultural melting pot. In spite of the city’s infamous acceptance of all comers, citizens feel safe because Ramshackle’s guiding principle of law is straightforward: do no harm to another citizen or a visitor to the city.

I’m writing a guide to the city which will include lots of setting lore as well as substantial appendices full of Fifth Edition-compatible game content that even those who don’t want to use the city itself will find useful! These appendices include new monsters and new character options like archetypes, backgrounds, and feats!

Once I’ve got most of the writing done, the intention is to finance this project via crowdfunding/kickstarter so it can be professionally edited and filled with awesome art! A shorter player’s guide will also be made available for free. In fact, information that will end up on the pages of the player’s guide is also being added to Ramshackle’s WorldAnvil pages, which you can visit right now!