5e: The Explorer is now on DMsGuild!

The Explorer is now available for purchase on DMsGuild!

The Explorer. Cover Art © Bartek Błaszczeć. Licensed for use.

Conceived as a nonmagical rebuild of the Ranger, the Explorer has several advantages compared to the original class. The Explorer’s primary strengths are:

  • The core class isn’t magical… I know I’m not the only one out there who likes the concept of being a rugged wilderness venturer but could do without the divine magic. Now you can!
  • …yet retains the magical Ranger. If you like your rangers magical you’re covered too, and you might find a lot to like about the Explorer’s alternative features! Ranger is one of four Paths available to an Explorer, granting access to spells from the Ranger spell list alongside other new mystical powers stemming from nature.
  • Arcane Explorers are possible. By stripping divine magic from the core class, it opens up the possibility for arcane Explorers and even psionic Explorers once we have rules for that. The archetypes includes in this pdf include the Delver, a professional treasure hunter with abilities themed around dungeon exploration and the ability to cast Divination and Abjuration spells
  • Accomplish heroic efforts through grit and gumption! Explorers survive the dangers they face with the aid of Exertion, a resource that refreshes on a short rest. Exertion is also used by the magical archetypes: such Explorers may meditate during a rest to convert as much Exertion as they wish into spell slots.
  • Existing Ranger archetypes are compatible. The Explorer gets Path features at the same levels Rangers do, so you can use an archetype made for the Ranger with the Explorer with very little fuss. Guidance is provided for handling archetypes with bonus spells.
  • Works as a replacement for the Ranger, or as an accompaniment. If you like the Explorer and want to make it available instead of the Ranger, great! But you can also make them both available to your players and let them decide based on whether they want divine magic and which features they prefer. You could even have both in a party quite comfortably: an Explorer (Delver) plays very differently to a Ranger (Hunter), for instance!

Interior Spread. Interior Art © Vagelio Kaliva. Licensed for use.