5e Fallout: PDF Updates, New Feats III, New Streams, and Other News

Okay, folks. I’ve a fair amount of Fifth Edition Fallout news to update you on today! Let’s get right to it.

The Fifth Edition Fallout PDF Rulebook has received a major update.

The new version of the rules is already online, and can be downloaded from the Fifth Edition Fallout hub as usual.

So what’s new? Well, technically, nothing. If you’ve been following my progress for a while, you’ll know that ever since I created the wiki, it’s been the source for the most up to date content. That’s because it’s a lot less hassle to keep the wiki up to date than it is to make the same updates to the PDF. Rather than make constant small updates to the PDF, I like to save up until I can make a larger update all at once.

If you like to refer to the PDF when you’re away from an internet connection, as a printed copy, or for any other reason, you’ll want to get hold of the new version simply because it updates the PDF to have all the content currently on the wiki, with the single exception of Knowledge Checks for monsters (which are far from complete on the wiki in any case). The update includes:

Version 1-0-7 sits at a page count of 223! Every time I update the PDF, it hits me all over again just how much effort has gone onto Fifth Edition Fallout. It’s always an incredible feeling.

Wasteland Wanderers updated, with Wasteland Wares to follow (hopefully soon).

As mentioned above, the awesome @gCrusher also sent me notes on Wasteland Wanderers which has been updated accordingly. If you allow DriveThruRPG to send you emails when your purchases are updated, you should already have received an email, but I know plenty of people don’t.

Enough has been improved that I would certainly recommend downloading the latest version. Alongside the corrections and a few rewrites, there are a small handful of mechanical changes throughout the document.

@gCrusher has also informed me he’ll be providing similar notes for Wasteland Wares in the near future, so expect an update to it soonish.

New Feats

Some of those feats mentioned above? You won’t have seen them before. They’ve been added to both the PDF and the wiki as of last night. These 11 new feats are inspired by perks from Fallout 2.


As of today, feats include:

  • Action Boy/Girl.
  • Adrenaline Rush. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Animal Friend.
  • Bloody Mess.
  • Chem Resistant.
  • Cult of Personality.
  • Demolition Expert. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Devastating Allure.
  • Dodger.
  • Educated.
  • Empathy. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Faster Healing. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Gambler. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Ghoulish.
  • Gun Fu.
  • Harmless. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Heave Ho!
  • Inspirational Presence.
  • Lead Belly.
  • Light Step. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Lone Wanderer.
  • Master Trader.
  • Miss Fortune.
  • Miss/Mister Fixit.
  • Moving Target.
  • Mutate.
  • Mysterious Stranger.
  • Night Vision.
  • Pack Alpha.
  • Pathfinder.
  • Pickpocket.
  • Pyromaniac.
  • Quick Pockets. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout/Fallout 2 perk.
  • Rad Resistant.
  • Salesman. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Scrounger.
  • Silent Running.
  • Slayer.
  • Smooth Talker. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Snake Eater.
  • Sniper.
  • Stonewall. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout 2 perk.
  • Strong Back.

Excluding feats from other sources including the Player’s Handbook, there are now 43 feats in the game. Which is a lot! There are plenty more perks from Fallout 3 and New Vegas that could be mined for inspiration, but I’m tempted to leave it be for now, and maybe come back to it later. Or perhaps I should allow submissions for homebrew feats and other content, the same way I’ve opened up the possibility for monsters? If you’ve got any thoughts on the subject, let me know.

Google Doc Character Sheet

Fifth Edition Fallout already has a character sheet, but that’s really most useful for games played in person with printed sheets. I recently created a character sheet on Google Docs that I intend to use when running online games. You can view the sheet here. To use or customise it for your own cames, simply make a copy to your personal google drive (click “File”, then “Make a copy” from the menu).

Another Fifth Edition Fallout stream!?

You read that right. @ZerthSpirit has recently teased a streamed game to start sometime in October.

You may remember @ZerthSpirit from part 1 of my own one-shot game, The Hunt For Spring-Heeled Jack (as an aside, I swear I’ll find the time and arrange to finish that one day, players willing). She played Tenoka, the prototype synth. Joining her as one of the players will be @DSC_Nick, who himself is GM for DumpStatCharisma‘s Fallout: King’s Ransom. It’s very exciting to see these superfans get together, I’m looking forward to the game and you should too! More news on this game when I get it.

By the time it starts airing, the as yet untitled game will join two others: King’s Ransom, which you can watch every other Tuesday at 5.30 pm (Pacific) at twitch.tv/dumpstatcharisma, and @saevrick‘s Fallout: 304, which begins in two days! It first airs on Sunday the 9th September at 8.30 pm (Eastern) over at twitch.tv/saevrick.

It’s utterly incredible to think my work on Fifth Edition Fallout has inspired so many games, and that fellow fans will be spoiled for choice. If you’re into streamed games at all, try to support these games!