Announcing our #GenForAll sale, now through Sunday!

Whether you’ll be at #GenCon2018 or #GenCant2018 this year why not celebrate the hobby you love this weekend? I’m celebrating by putting all of my products over at DriveThruRPG on sale! That means until 9am Monday morning (CST), you can get any or all of the following products for 30% off!

Also between now and Monday, you can download a free preview of Wasteland Woes, the next product in the Wasteland Worlds series. Wasteland Woes will be a compendium of environmental hazards, traps, and statblocks designed for post-apocalyptic play. The preview Wasteland Woes: Merchants of the Wastes includes statblocks for traders, guards, couriers, and other wasteland service providers that are bound to be useful if you’re running Fifth Edition Fallout or any other post-apocalyptic setting!