5e Fallout: Skillful Soldiers and Custom Creations!

I’ve got a pretty big update for Fifth Edition Fallout fans! First: I’ve created some more statblocks for you to use! Second: you’re now free to submit your own!

Soldiers added to the Wiki

As of today, soldiers have been added to the Fifth Edition Fallout wiki! There’s a lot of content on this page, including:

  • 10 soldier statblocks
    • Conscript (CR 1/8)
    • Recruit (CR 1/4)
    • Private (CR 1/2)
    • Corporal (CR 2)
    • Sergeant (CR 3)
    • Lieutenant (CR 5)
    • Captain (CR 7)
    • Major (CR 9)
    • Colonel (CR 11)
    • Brigadier (CR 13)
  • A sidebar providing guidance on adjusting the base statblocks to represent members of the following factions:
    • Caesar’s Legion
    • Gunners
    • Minutemen
    • New California Republic Army
    • Talon Company
  • A sidebar providing guidance on adjusting Corporals and Sergeants to represent NCR Military Police officers.
    • MP Corporal (CR 2)
    • MP Sergeant (CR 3)
  • A sidebar providing guidance on adjusting soldiers of Private rank and higher to represent reconnaissance specialists (eg. NCR’s First Recon or Legionary Scouts).
    • Recon Private (CR 1/2)
    • Recon Corporal (CR 2)
    • Recon Sergeant (CR 3)
    • Recon Lieutenant (CR 4)
    • Recon Captain (CR 6)
    • Recon Major (CR 8)
    • Recon Colonel (CR 10)
    • Recon Brigadier (CR 11)
  • A sidebar providing guidance on adjusting soldiers of Lieutenant rank and higher to include T51b power armour.
    • Power Armoured Lieutenant (CR 10)
    • Power Armoured Captain (CR 12)
    • Power Armoured Major (CR 14)
    • Power Armoured Colonel (CR 16)
    • Power Armoured Brigadier (CR 16)

Including all variations in the sidebars, that’s 25 types of soldier for your PCs to fight or to ally with.

I’d originally planned on creating statblocks for mercenaries, Minutemen, NCR Soldiers, and Caesar’s Legion. But I realised these would be very similar and could probably treat them as a single category. By combining all these factions into the “Soldiers” grouping, I’ve managed to reduce 43 planned statblocks to 10 which is a significant reduction in the number of creatures still required before I can say the bestiary is complete! I’m counting it as a big win!

Homebrew Creatures

Are you tired of waiting for me to get around to your favourite Fallout creatures? Or perhaps you’re not so keen on the way I designed some of the creatures already in the bestiary? Simply want additional variants of an existing creature?

Well now you have the opportunity to fix these issues!

Yesterday I spent some time setting up a new section of the Fifth Editon Fallout wiki that members can contribute to: the Homebrew Bestiary. You can start contributing your own homebrew creatures by following this guide.

Everything should be working but if you have any troubles signing up, please send a tweet my way or leave a comment!