5e Fallout: Malevolent Mirelurks and Ghastly Gatorclaws

The Fifth Edition Fallout bestiary gets a new update today! In addition to that, this time round I made some changes to the Races section and I created a new Fifth Edition Fallout character sheet!

Vault Dweller Personal Record
Vault Dweller Personal Record

Awesome, right?

All the updates listed below have now been added to the Fifth Edition Fallout sourcebook. You can download it, the character sheet above, and additional resources from the Fifth Edition Fallout hub.

New Monstrous Additions to Fifth Edition Fallout

As you may know, I released the Fifth Edition Fallout sourcebook with a limited bestiary which I’ve been expanding over time. At release, the rules included dogs and them molerat, a bunch of raiders, and a selection of robots. Since release, I’ve been running twitter polls to decide which category of creatures to work on next, and adding in lesser known monsters from DLCs and such as “bonus content”.

As a result of the first poll, I added feral ghouls to the game. I also opted to add a couple more raider bosses and Ghost People (from the New Vegas add-on Dead Money).

The second poll resulted in Super Mutants getting added to the game. I also chose to include Nightkin and Centaurs in the update, though not mutant hounds (I didn’t rectify that this time round, but hopefully will soon). The bonus creatures that time round were Tunnelers (from the New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road).

The most recent poll was a clear win for Mirelurks, so they’re the focus of this update. However, there’s some other cool new stuff!

These updates bring the page count to around 90 pages! They includes:


  • Gatorclaw (CR 13)


  • Softshell Mirelurk (CR 1/8)
  • Mirelurk (CR 1)
  • Mirelurk Razorclaw (CR 5)
  • Mirelurk Killclaw (CR 8)
  • Glowing Mirelurk (CR 10)
  • Nukalurk (CR 12)
  • Bloodrage Mirelurk (CR 13)
  • Mirelurk Hunter (CR 10)
  • Glowing Mirelurk Hunter (CR 13)
  • Nukalurk Hunter (CR 16)
  • Mirelurk King (CR 10)
  • Glowing Mirelurk King (CR 12)
  • Nukalurk King (CR 14, legendary)
  • Mirelurk Deep King (CR 16, legendary)
  • Catfish Mirelurk (CR 13)
  • Mirelurk Queen (CR 24, legendary)
  • Mirelurk Hatchling (CR 0)
  • Nukalurk Queen (CR 25, legendary)

Creature Templates

New templates that can be added to existing monsters to easily create new variants! Some template are derived from actual Fallout creature types (such as Albino, Glowing, and Nuklear) while others are less explicitly tied to Fallout (such as Cunning, Hulking, and Swift).

  • Albino
  • Cunning
  • Hulking
  • Glowing
  • Legendary (yes, this template is intended to help with quickly creating new Legendary creatures)
  • Nuklear
  • Resilient
  • Swift

Other Updates

  • Changes to the following Races: Human (now includes subraces: Gen-3 Synth, Vault Born, Vault Survivor, and Wastelander), Super Mutant (some adjustments to the text of racial traits, no mechanical changes).
  • Updates to the Classes/archetypes section to account for the release of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.
  • Addition of a advice sidebar on when and how to use Doomsday Devices in the game.
  • Sidebar added to the Super Mutant Suicider regarding when and how to use it in the game.
  • The Deathclaw and Alpha Deathclaw have both had some statblock adjustments to correect an error in CR calculation (the CR of each remains unchanged).
  • A smattering of minor typographical corrections elsewhere in the text.

Explore the Wastes in Style!

Fifth Edition Fallout now has its own character sheet (pictured earlier in the article)! The sheet is a single-page PDF that includes features unique to Fifth Edition Fallout such as places to track your Dehydration, Starvation, radiation exposure, and power armour. For now I focused on the important crunch stuff, since you could use another sheet, a notebook, etc. for descriptions, character bios, and other fluff stuff. Expanding it to two pages might be something I return to later if there’s enough demand!

The character sheet comes in both print and form-fillable flavours. Visit the Fifth Edition Fallout hub to download a copy!

Next for Fifth Edition Fallout

I already started the poll for the next bestiary update:

As a result of the last poll, Mirelurks will be added to the Fifth Edition Fallout bestiary next Tuesday! So back to you guys… what creatures are next up?

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As you can see (assuming you read this article within the first day of it’s posting), there’s still a little time to cast your own vote if you haven’t already!

Your Thoughts

As usual I’d love to hear your thoughts about any aspect of Fifth Edition Fallout. Please also reach out if you catch any errors so I can fix it asap!