5e Fallout: Murderous Mutants and Lethal Lurkers

Today I’ve made a new update to the the Fifth Edition Fallout bestiary! In addition, this update includes expanded and new rules which are described later in this post.

All the updates listed below have now been added to the Fifth Edition Fallout sourcebook which you can download from my dedicated Fifth Edition Fallout hub. With this update, Fifth Edition Fallout now has around 80 pages of game content!

New Monstrous Additions to Fifth Edition Fallout

Last time, I responded to a twitter poll by adding feral ghouls to the game. In addition, I added a few bonus statblocks: power armour wearing raider bosses and the spooky Ghost People (you might remember them from the New Vegas add-on Dead Money)!

This time round, the poll results suggested you wanted to see Super Mutant statblocks added to the game! In addition, I added Centaurs, Nightkin, as well as the burrowing lizard mutants known as Tunnelers (from the New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road). The new statblocks include two legendary creatures, the Super Mutant Behemoth and the Tunneler Queen.

The update includes:

Super Mutants

  • Super Mutant (CR 2)
  • Super Mutant Suicider (CR 10; a unique case, the Suicider has such a high CR because the nuke they carry heavily skews the calculations. They are otherwise only as tough as a CR 2 Super Mutant. If you use the XP leveling system be cautious as a Suicider could just amount to free XP. Also, at the party levels these guys are truly threatening they could very conceivably insta-kill multiple party members. They are included for completion, but come with a massive caveat: use these guys sparingly and only with careful forethought, if at all.)
  • Super Mutant Skirmisher (CR 3)
  • Super Mutant Brute (CR 5)
  • Super Mutant Enforcer (CR 7)
  • Super Mutant Butcher (CR 12)
  • Super Mutant Master (CR 13)
  • Super Mutant Primus (CR 15)
  • Super Mutant Behemoth (CR 22)
  • A sidebar detailing how to modify the Institute super mutant statblocks to represent Mariposa (West Coast) or Vault 87 Super Mutants.
  • Centaur (CR 4)
  • Evolved Centaur (CR 6)
  • Large Evolved Centaur (CR 11)
  • Nightkin (CR 2)
  • Nightkin Sneak (CR 3)
  • Nightkin Skulker (CR 7)
  • Nightkin Scoundrel (CR 12)


  • Tunneler (CR 1)
  • Venomous Tunneler (CR 3)
  • Hulking Tunneler (CR 5)
  • Tunneler Queen (CR 13)

Eager for even more Super Mutants?

If you were one of those eager to see Super Mutant statblocks and you plan to use them as early as possible in your campaign, you should download the 1st level adventure A Date With the Queen from the Fifth Edition Fallout hub if you haven’t already. The Queen the title refers to happens to be a unique CR 1 legendary Super Mutant!

Your Thoughts

As usual I’d love to hear your thoughts about any aspect of Fifth Edition Fallout. Please also reach out if you catch any errors so I can fix it asap!

You can also vote on what I should work on adding next on twitter here:

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— Spilled Ale Studios (@spilledale) October 24, 2017