5e: Fifth Edition Fallout, A Date with the Queen, Wasteland Wanderers!

Today marks the end of my series on hacking D&D 5e so that we can run games in the Fallout setting. It would be more accurate to say that it is a soft ending, because truthfully more content will come. As promised today’s update includes some monster statblocks, enough to get you started with your games, but there are many more iconic Fallout creatures to make stats for! But now enough of the rules are there that you and I can start running Fallout adventures, I’ll be moving on to other topics and returning to the wasteland every few weeks with additional monsters.

I honestly have mixed feelings about the end of this series. I had a great deal of fun working on it, but it was also a lot of work. A far larger chunk of work than I initially realised it would be. All new inventory tables along with new subsystems for modifications and power armour saw to that! Committing myself to writing a starter adventure was probably also a foolish move. But now here we are, and it’s all done. Whatever else I’m feeling, I know I feel fantastic for clearing that hurdle. This was a good challenge, a fun exercise, and I would consider doing a similar series hacking the game for other popular settings (or perhaps next time explore the development of a homebrew world) in the future. After an appropriate rest period, at any rate.

A lot of that work is coming to fruition now, all at once. It’s a big news day! Let’s get started.

Terrors of the Wasteland

So about those promised monster statblocks: it took me a while to decide how to handle sharing this content with you. I have a css template for monster statblocks, but it’s quite time consuming to copy statblocks over to the blog, so it works best for just one or two at a time, and not the large number I would have to do.The article would also reach an unwieldy size. Ultimately I realised that since the statblocks are included in the compiled rulebook anyway, the most appropriate thing to do is simply to let you know what creatures the rulebook currently includes.


  • Trained Dog (CR 1/8)
  • Vicious Dog (CR 1/8)
  • Mole Rat (CR 1/8)


  • Deathclaw (CR 8)
  • Alpha Deathclaw (CR 13)


  • Raider (CR 1/8)
  • Raider Scum (CR 1/4)
  • Raider Scavver (CR 1)
  • Raider Psycho (CR 1/2)
  • Raider Waster (CR 3)
  • Raider Survivalist (CR 1/2)
  • Raider Veteran (CR 5)
  • Raider Boss (CR 7)


  • Assaultron (CR 8)
  • Eyebot (CR 1/8)
  • Mister Handy/Miss Nanny (CR 1/8)
  • Mister Gutsy (CR 3)
  • Flamer Gutsy (CR 3)
  • Lieutenant Gutsy (CR 5)
  • Major Gutsy (CR 8)
  • Colonel Gutsy (CR 11)
  • Protectron (CR 1/2)
  • Protectron Fire Brigadier (CR 1)
  • Protectron Guardian (CR 6)
  • Protectron Medic (CR 1)
  • Protectron Policeman (CR 3)
  • Utility Protectron (CR 4)
  • Robobrain (CR 8)
  • Sentrybot (CR 15)

Fifth Edition Fallout

Fifth Edition Fallout Cover © RDD Wilkin / Spilled Ale Studios.

All of the rules discussed in the series along with the monster and NPC statblocks listed above have been compiled into a single PDF, which you can download here.

A Date with the Queen

A Date with the Queen Cover © RDD Wilkin / Spilled Ale Studios.

A Date with the Queen is a short introductory adventure I wrote so that those of you interested in playing Fifth Edition Fallout have an easy place to start. The adventure can be found here.

Wasteland Wanderers

Wasteland Wanderers Cover © RDD Wilkin / Spilled Ale Studios.

After I started thinking about ways to modify Fifth Edition classes to suit a post-apocalyptic setting early on in the series, not to mention realising that the Artificer simply wasn’t a good fit for an engineering or science type, I started tinkering with ideas that would evolve into the Scientist and Shepherd classes. Before I knew it, a new project evolved around these classes, and Wasteland Wanderers was born.

Wasteland Wanderers can be purchased here. This sourcebook presents six all-new and modified classes designed to suit Post-Apocalyptic campaign worlds and pre-published settings. You could also find homes for these classes and their archetypes in modern, futuristic, or even fantasy settings with minimal conversion effort.

Wasteland Wanderers contains 30 pages of classes and archetypes including:

  • The Savage, a class based on the SRD’s Barbarian with post-apocalyptic appropriate archetypes including the Implacable Hunter, the Mad Gunner, and the Survivor.
  • The Scientist, a new class which focuses on intellect and experise. Archetypes include the Chem Cook, the Engineer, and the Programmer.
  • The Scoundrel, a class based on the SRD’s Rogue with post-apocalyptic appropriate archetypes including the Con Artist, the Hitman, and a nonmagical variant of the Thief.
  • The Scout, a new class that fills a niche similar to the SRD’s Ranger. These wilderness experts rely on their Instinct to enhance their fortunes, and wield a signature weapon known as their Old Reliable. Archetypes include the Beast Hunter, the Bounty Hunter, and the Guerilla.
  • The Shepherd, a new class that fills a niche similar to the SRD’s Bard. They are political leaders, officers, and other inspiring figures. They use their Command to deal psychic damage, restore hit points, and charm or frighten foes. With their Comrades’ Bond, nearby allies who are adjacent to each other can choose to suffer damage on each other’s behalf. Archetypes include the Chronicler, the Commander, the Regent, and the Tyrant.
  • The Soldier, a class based on the SRD’s Fighter with post-apocalyptic appropriate archetypes including the Fist Fighter, the Pit Fighter, and the Sharpshooter.

If you are interested in running a Fifth Edition Fallout campaign, theses classes would be a perfect fit for your game. Even if you’ve got no immediate plans to do so, if you’ve enjoyed this series and would like to help the ongoing development of my blog and published content, picking up a copy would be a fantastic way to help. I’m confident you’ll find a use for at least a few of the archetypes in your home games, whatever genre the setting happens to be!

You can report any errors, make comments and suggestions, feedback on potential balance issues, or simply reach me for a chat about any of the above products on twitter @spilledale. If your comments are too long for twitter’s character limit, you can also curiouscat.me. I’d also love to hear from you if you plan to run a one-off or a campaign using Fifth Edition Falloutt!