An Isometric Map #2

A couple of weeks ago I shared my first attempt at an isometric dungeon map, which I think came out pretty well. I also shared Burlow’s Hardware Store, a map I’m working on for a Fallout themed adventure for DMs wanting to run games using my D&D 5e/Fallout rules hack. It would be just as useful for other post-apocalyptic games, and perhaps have a place in some modern or sci-fi campaigns.

Maps are always useful for the tabletop games I run and for inclusion in future products, so now I’ve got an idea what I’m doing, I’ll probably be creating more from time to time—just as I did this week. This time I thought I’d try adding some new features – trapdoors and a tunnel!

You are free to use the map below for your private campaigns, but not for any other purpose.

Dungeon Map © RDD Wilkin / Spilled Ale Studios. Personal use permitted. Do not redistribute.