Product Spotlight: Ashes of Evensong

Spilled Ale Studios has a new D&D 5e product up on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Ashes of Evensong is my first published adventure. I hope people have as much fun playing it as I did writing it!

They say the legendary Ashes of Evensong have been found!

In the year 689 DR, the song dragon Evensong was incinerated by Kallurous, a red dragon. In the wake of her death, Evensong’s ashes were gathered into a hundred urns by members of the Harpers. 

Originally intended as mere relics, the urns fell out of the Harpers’ possession when the caravan transporting them was ambushed. They were thereafter lost to history.

Three months ago, stories began to circulate that at least one of the urns has been found. An artificer from the city of Elskar claims to have acquired some of Evensong’s ashes. According to his story the ashes are more potently magical than even residuum, created as they were from the mortal remains of a powerful magical creature burned to ash in the fires of an even more powerful dragon’s breath.

This tale is dismissed by most, but certain factions and private interests aren’t willing to reject the possibility without investigation. If true, the artificer may be in possession of a highly dangerous and unfathomably valuable substance.

More importantly, he may be in possession of the knowledge of where it came from, and the secret of what happened to the Ashes of Evensong all those centuries ago.

An adventure that is not what it seems.

In search of the truth behind a rumour that some of the Ashes of Evensong have been found, the player characters find that the Ashes are ultimately incidental to a far more worrying development. The trail of the Ashes leads them to the discovery of a fiend pact warlock operating among the ruling class of the city, a vault of forbidden magics the secrets of which have been breached, and a diabolic artefact about to be reclaimed in the name of a Duchess of Hell.   

This adventure is intended for parties of 4-6 characters of level 11 to level 13. With a focus on investigation, puzzles, and dangerous traps, Ashes of Evensong rewards players for caution and cleverness.

This product includes:

  • A 39 page adventure.
  • Appendices for monstrous statblocks and new magic items. 
  • Fully bookmarked.
  • Designed from the ground up with your computer in mind, as well as print. Ideal for running from your laptop!
    • Landscape format.
    • Internal hyperlinks to important NPCs, monster statblocks, etc.
    • External hyperlinks to’s compendium, including all spells and magic items referenced in the adventure or used by monsters and NPCs!  
  • A bundle of player handouts.


You can get Ashes of Evensong here!