5e: Product Highlight —Draconomicon: Gem Dragons

Spilled Ale Studios has a new product up on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Draconomicon: Gem Dragons contains six new dragons with full write-ups, lair actions, regional effects, and twenty-four statblocks (wyrmling through ancient for all six dragon types. The gem dragons are fifth edition conversions of dragons that have previously appeared in past editions of the world’s most famous fantasy roleplaying game. They fill a gap left by the chromatic and metallic dragons, as their alignments are split over the neutral spectrum rather than tending towards good or evil. They are also inherently psionic, as opposed to innately magical like the dragons in the Monster Manual.

Each dragon in this collection does include psionic abilities, but they are optional. If you wish to use their psionic abilities you’ll need to pick up the most recent version of the Mystic (as of April 2017) in Unearthed Arcana. You can run the dragon just fine without them, however.

Draconomicon: Gem Dragons is the sixth entry in Spilled Ale Studios’ Draconomicon series, which also includes the Orange, Purple, and Yellow Dragons (also conversions) Mantragons (an original creation), and the Dragonbound: a playable class that lets you adventure with a dragon companion. I’ll be adding more conversions and all-new creations alike to the series going forward.

This also seems as good a time as any to draw your attention to our new product page! If you want to find this later, look for the “catalogue” link under Our Products on the bar to the right.