5e Fallout: Bloodcurdling Beasts and Steely-eyed Soldiers

All readers of my blog should take note that this will be my last content update until after the Christmas period. Expect updates to resume the week following New Year’s Day (likely Tuesday 9th January).

This week I have another monstrous update for Fifth Edition Fallout fans to sink their teeth into. I know I’m really powering through them these days. Consider this one a Christmas present! Really, what’s more festive than a glowing deer? Now you can have your PCs encounter Rudolph the Radstag. In addition, a bunch of other content has been added including additional races, weapons, and diseases!

All told this update expands Fifth Edition Fallout to 170 pages! For what it’s worth, I estimate there are another 181 statblocks that could be added to the game (and that’s only assuming I’ve correctly counted all the other creatures/variants I could add. Let’s be honest, I probably haven’t!). At an average of 3 statblocks per page we can predict the page count for Fifth Edition Fallout with all monsters added will be added 230 pages. Ultimately, expect the actual page count to ultimately be higher even than that—I still have to add Knowledge tables, and I’m sure it will occur to me to add more stuff before this is through. Anyway, the point is that Fifth Edition Fallout is already big, and I’m extremely proud of what I’ve achieved, but it’s only going to get even bigger! That’s pretty incredible to think about.

However, all that existing and upcoming content also means that there’s still a lot of stuff to move over to the wiki I’m working on. I’m making headway, but the wiki would go live a lot faster with help. If you love Fifth Edition Fallout, if you think a wiki version of the rules would be super useful, and if you think you can volunteer even a little bit of your time for some data entry, then please reach out to me @spilledale! Naturally, helping populate the wiki also means early access to it.

Where to get Fifth Edition Fallout

As always the updated version of the Fifth Edition Fallout sourcebook, along with all other game resources, can be downloaded from the Fifth Edition Fallout hub.

New Monstrous Additions to Fifth Edition Fallout

The last twitter poll indicated that the majority of fans wanted to finally see some of the game’s animals. A more than fair request, considering beasts are among the wasteland’s most common enemies. So common in fact that “Beasts” is easily the largest of all the categories I’ve defined, to the point that I’ve decided to break it down into some smaller groupings for the sake of my sanity. This means, for instance, that aquatic creatures like the Fog Crawler and Hermit Crab will have a separate section in the book when they are eventually added.

Even with additional division, the sheer amount of animals already introduced to the Fallout universe is huge once all variations of those creatures are factored in. Today’s update makes a sizable dent, but I estimate there are still around 50 to go. I’m going to have to put my hands up and admit that I could probably have done another large chunk of animals if I’d not distracted myself statting out the Brotherhood of Steel on a sudden whim. I’m sure you won’t begrudge me that little diversion, though!

Most or all of the remaining beasts will be added in the next update. For now though, I present 82 new statblocks and 3 new templates. As well as Coyotes, Cyberhounds, Dogs and Mongrels, Geckos, Mole Rats (both East and West Coast varieties), Radstags, Sand Sharks, and Yao Guai, the statblocks also include three additional Giant Mantises and the Brotherhood of Steel. The new templates are Alpha, Rabid, and Lobotomite.

More specifically, this update includes the following new creature statblocks and templates:


  • Coyotes
    • Coyote Pup (CR 1/8)
    • Coyote (CR 1/4)
    • Coyote Den Mother (CR 2)
    • Alpha Coyote (CR 3)
  • Dogs
    • Trained Dog (CR 1/8)
    • Trained Legion Mongrel (CR 1/2)
    • Wild Mongrel [Formerly Mongrel] (CR 1/8)
    • Alpha Wild Mongrel (CR 1/8)
    • Vicious Mongrel (CR 1/4)
    • Alpha Vicious Mongrel (CR 1/2)
    • Feral Mongrel (CR 1)
    • Alpha Feral Mongrel (CR 2)
    • Rabid Mongrel (CR 2)
    • Alpha Rabid Mongrel (CR 4)
    • Glowing Mongrel (CR 4)
    • Alpha Glowing Mongrel (CR 6)
  • Mole Rats
    • Mole Rat [Updated] (CR 1/8)
    • Rabid Mole Rat (CR 1/4)
    • Glowing Mole Rat (CR 1)
    • Mole Rat Brood Mother (CR 4)
    • Giant Mole Rat (CR 7)
    • Pig Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 1/8)
    • Mean Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 1/4)
    • Tough Pig Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 1)
    • Mutated Pig Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 2)
    • Lesser Mole Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 1)
    • Mole Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 2)
    • Great Mole Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 4)
    • Mutated Mole Rat (Western Mole Rat) (CR 6)
  • Radstags
    • Radstag Yearling (CR 1/8)
    • Radstag Doe (CR 1/4)
    • Radstag (CR 1)
    • Rabid Radstag (CR 3)
    • Glowing Radstag (CR 5)
    • Erratic Radstag Doe (CR 7)
    • Erratic Radstag (CR 8)
    • Devolved Radstag Doe (CR 9)
    • Devolved Radstag (CR 12)
  • Yao Guai
    • Yao Guai Cub (CR 1)
    • Stunted Yao Guai/Young Yao Guai (CR 2)
    • Yao Guai (CR 4)
    • Yao Guai Ghoul (CR 6)
    • Shaggy Yao Guai (CR 7)
    • Irradiated Yao Guai (CR 10)
    • Glowing Yao Guai (CR 12)
    • Rabid Yao Guai (CR 14)
    • Dusky Yao Guai (CR 16)


  • Giant Mantises
    • Zion Mantis Nymph (CR 2)
    • Zion Mantis (CR 8)
    • Zion Mantis Female (CR 10)


  • Cyberhound (CR 1/2)
  • Police Cyberhound (CR 2)
  • Military Cyberhound (CR 4)

Brotherhood of Steel

  • Squire (CR 1/2)
  • Sidebar on Squires and Scribes
  • Lancer-Initiate (CR 1)
  • Lancer (CR 3)
  • Lancer-Knight (CR 4)
  • Lancer-Sergeant (CR 5)
  • Lancer-Captain (CR 7)
  • Initiate (CR 2)
  • Knight Aspirant (CR 3)
  • Scribe Initiate (CR 1)
  • Scribe (CR 3)
  • Senior Scribe (CR 5)
  • Knight (CR 10)
  • Knight Sergeant (CR 11)
  • Knight Captain (CR 12)
  • Knight Commander (CR 14)
  • Paladin (CR 15)
  • Paladin Commander (CR 16)
  • Star Paladin (CR 18)
  • Sidebar on Brotherhood of Steel Hierarchy and Ranks


  • Alpha
  • Lobotomite
  • Rabid


  • Sand Shark (CR 13)

If you’re curious, The amount of creatures of each CR in the game now breaks down as follows:

Fifth Edition Fallout: Creatures by CR

Other Updates

This update isn’t just about monsters! In fact, quite a lot of new content has been added and a few corrections have been made. Changes are noted below:

  • New fanart by emortal982 (find it on page 61).
  • Added new category for “Worms” and moved Bloodworms to this category.
  • Added Human subrace: Dwarf.
  • Added Human subrace: Slag.
  • Added .357 Magnum Revolver.
  • Added K9000 Cyberdog Gun.
  • .357 added to ammunition table.
  • Correction to ammunition table, adding .45-70.
  • Clarified the way the Beta Wave Tuner ranged weapon modification interacts with burst fire.
  • Added Disease section with rules for Parasites and Rabies.
  • Added Air vehicle proficiency (eg. airship, vertibird) to Proficiencies section.
  • Added Underwater vehicle proficiency (eg. submersible, submarine) to Proficiencies section.
  • Changed Cazadore type to “Monstrosity”.

What creatures are next?

At this point I’d normally be directing you towards the latest twitter poll, but there isn’t one! After all, I’ve yet to complete the already voted for “Beasts”. The aim for next time is to finish up the remaining mammals, reptiles, and aquatic creatures in the beast category. This also seems like as good a time as any to do Nightstalkers which should wrap up the whole wildlife kingdom… unless I’ve missed something, which is totally possible.

Time and energy allowing, I’ll throw in some more human enemies as well. It might be around time for the Enclave to rear their fascist heads from whatever hole they’re hiding in this time…?

Your Thoughts

As usual I’d love to hear your thoughts about any aspect of Fifth Edition Fallout. Please also reach out if you catch any errors so I can fix it asap!