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Wasteland Wheels Vehicle Cards


Exciting vehicle combat! 

Wasteland Wheels Vehicle Cards introduce a random element to encounters involving vehicles. The Guide generates a random sequence events with the Chaos Count, occasionally introducing obstacles, faults, and wild cards into play for everyone involved in the encounter. Meanwhile, a vehicle’s driver has their own Driver’s Deck which reveals cards that affect only their vehicle. Player wastelanders belonging to any of the 7 new archetypes in Wasteland Wheels either add special cards to the Driver’s Deck of a vehicle they’re riding in, or else change the way an existing card works.

Take the Wasteland Wheels Vehicle Cards for a spin!

For the discerning wastelander with currency and salvage to spare, print on demand Wasteland Wheels Vehicle Cards are the ultimate accessory for Wasteland Wheels. Vehicle Card are not a standalone product.


vehicle cards promo image
Vehicle Cards (shown: Easy Rider, Rapid Repairs, and the back of a Driver’s Deck card)


Each pack contains 100 cards:

  • 1 cover card
  • 1 Chaos Count divider card
  • 1 Chaos Count (13 cards)
  • 1 Driver’s Deck divider card
  • 4 Driver’s Decks (8 cards per Driver’s Deck, for 32 cards total)
  • Enough additional cards for one player wastelander of all seven Wasteland Wheels archetypes (4 cards per archetype, for 28 cards total)
  • 1 Custom Cards divider card
  • 4 blank Chaos Count cards and 4 round count cards numbered 9-12 (8 total), in case you want to add custom cards to the Chaos Count
  • 15 blank Driver’s Deck cards to use when you have multiple wastelanders of the same Wasteland Wheels archetypes or you want to add custom cards to Driver’s Decks

Hit the road. 

We don’t sell Wasteland Wheels Vehicle Cards directly here on the site. Instead, they’re available as print on demand from DriveThruCards.com.

Wasteland Wheels Vehicle Cards don’t come with a tuckbox (DriveThruCards has options for 80 and 120, but regrettably not 100). We strongly recommend ordering this product with a protective deckbox. 



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