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Wasteland Wheels


Wasteland Wheels introduces vehicles to your post-apocalyptic or modern campaigns, optional vehicle cards for additional excitement during vehicle encounters, as well as seven new vehicle-themed archetypes for the character classes in Wasteland Wanderers and Wasteland Wares!

Wasteland Wheels roars onto the scene!

Wasteland Wheels provides everything you need to add vehicles and vehicle encounters to your post-apocalyptic or modern era campaign. Inside you’ll find not just vehicle statblocks and rules, but also new player options, and an optional deck of cards designed to add more excitement to vehicle encounters.

Start your engines! 

Wasteland Wheels is all about vehicles. As well as a large number of example vehicle statblocks and all the rules you need to use them, this book also includes new player options which engage with the rules within.  Though these rules support post-apocalyptic campaign worlds first and foremost, you could also use them in a modern era setting or adapt them to a more futuristic campaign.

Wasteland Wheels contains:

  • 7 new archetypes: one each for the Savage, Scientist, Scoundrel, Scout, Shepherd, and Soldier classes (these classes are found in Wasteland Wanderers), plus one for the Sidekick class (found in Wasteland Wares).
  • Rules for using vehicles in your games.
  • A vehicle modification subsystem.
  • Rules for crafting and repairing vehicle mods and vehicles.
  • 41 vehicle statblocks, including civilian and military vehicles for the following environments: land, air, water, and underwater.
  • Optional vehicle card rules, including a deck of vehicle cards to print at home. A print on demand version of this deck is available!

New post-apocalyptic paths! 

Wasteland Wheels includes a selection of player options designed to supplement the character options in Wasteland Wanderers and Wasteland Wares! The new options available are themed around vehicles. The new archetypes have features that interact with the optional vehicle cards, allowing them to modify the Driver’s Deck or use existing cards in new ways. The archetypes are designed in such a way that they are still competitive for play when the vehicle cards aren’t used.

These options include:

  • The Roadrager, a new archetype for the Savage. 
  • The Grease Monkey, a new archetype for the Scientist.
  • The Daredevil, a new archetype for the Scoundrel.
  • The Rough Rider, a new archetype for the Scout.
  • The Convoy Commander, a new archetype for the Shepherd.
  • The Combat Medic, a new archetype for the Sidekick.
  • The Gunner, a new archetype for the Soldier.

Easily Referenced. 

Navigation features include a fully hyperlinked table of contents and bookmarks to all chapters.

Compatible with Wasteland Worlds!

Wasteland Wheels is part of the Wasteland Worlds series, and is best used with other books in the line. In particular, the player options in this book are designed to be compatible with classes in Wasteland Wanderers  and the vehicle modification system assumes you have access to weapon statistics from Wasteland Wares. Wasteland Woes is a great source of humanoid creatures with which to crew vehicles that aren’t controlled by your players.

That said, a lot of the content in Wasteland Wheels can work with third party books you own with minimal conversion. If all you want is a set of vehicle rules you can use in combination with a third party post-apocalyptic campaign setting you own, Wasteland Wheels has you covered!

Interactive Preview

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