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The Explorer 2


Presenting 4 new archetypes for the Explorer class! The Explore class reinvents the Ranger as a non-magical core class, opening up new concepts and the possibility of arcane spellcasting archetypes.

Four new Explorer archetypes!  

A stone-faced half-elf crouches low amidst the detritus of a hastily abandoned campsite. Her close inspection of the ground near the dying fire yields some tobacco ash, no doubt from her prey’s habitual pipe. He can’t be far now.

A lightly armoured dwarf pads along the winding passages of the Underdark. Every so often, they leave a chalk mark on the stone. Some distance behind, a larger group follows, circumnavigating the hidden dangers to which they would otherwise have fallen prey.

A cloaked tiefling creeps cautiously through the dark heart of a crypt. As she moves through the mazelike interior she somehow avoids the shambling dead, as though she can sense them before she sees them. She isn’t here for them, but rather the necromantic artefact said to lie at the bottom of the catacomb.

A small group of camouflaged forest gnomes wait in silence and stillness, virtually undetectable as they wait with infinite patience. Eventually, the sounds of boots on leaves and chatter in the harsh syllables of the hobgoblin tongue alert them to the arrival of their targets. A flurry of arrows later, a half-dozen hobgoblin slavers lay dead, and the caged gnomes they were transporting are free once more.

All these and more are explorers, heroes that make it their business to understand the wilds and other dark places where monsters dwell.”

This is not a standalone product! The four archetypes included in The Explorer 2 are compatible with The Explorer, a class that reinvents the Ranger and opens up exciting new character concepts!

The Explorer 2 contains following new Explorer Paths:

The Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter dedicates themselves to the risky business of pursuing dangerous criminals such as deadly killers, corrupt priests, and lunatic mages. 

Many are former soldiers and scouts who seek to make use of their wartime skills. Bounty hunters are fundamentally mercenaries, but while some are simply in it for the money others see their career as an honourable calling. A few even work full time for law enforcement agencies or guilds, and must conduct themselves in a manner befitting their employer’s image.

The Canary

The original canaries were dwarves who accompanied workers in the mines specifically to watch out for environmental dangers. Should the work break through into other tunnels, the canaries were the first to scout ahead. It was (and still is) an extremely dangerous profession, but canaries are accorded great respect among the dwarves for the important role that they play.

As a canary, you know that the underdark is a perilous place, and have made it your business to guide those who would dig deep or wander in the dark below. Hopefully with you present they will be forewarned and forearmed against any dangers, and more likely to emerge safely once more into the light.

The Gravewalker

Some gravewalkers train to be the ultimate undead hunters, whether that be to take vengeance against them or to free their trapped souls. Other gravewalkers see death as merely another great adventure and aren’t prepared to wait until their life is over to experience it. Whatever their motivations, a gravewalker takes inspiration from the undead to learn powers that are beyond the usual understanding of the living.

As a gravewalker, you are an expert on all things undead, capable of communicating with them, breaking the chains that bind them, and fighting them on equal terms.

The Guerilla

A guerilla is an expert at unconventional warfare, employing hit and run tactics and other tricksy methods to overcome a force which, on paper, may seem superior. Some guerillas specialise in fighting in the wilds, while others may employ their cunning in the narrow winding alleys of a city.

Guerillas are forged through necessity in the fires of war. You may have belonged to your home nation’s army, where you served as a scout. Or perhaps you joined a desperate rebellion against a tyrannical authority?

Guerillas are always self-sufficient and like their independance. Whether they respect authority or mistrust it, they always prefer to keep a distance from it.

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