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Wasteland Wanderers


Wasteland Wanderers is stuffed full of post-apocalyptic species, classes, backgrounds, feats, and more. A lot of the content can be used in modern, science-fiction, and some fantasy worlds.

Wasteland Wanderers has mutated! Wasteland Wanderers 2nd Edition is bigger, badder, and better than ever!

Wasteland Wanderers is stuffed full of player-facing content including species, classes, backgrounds, feats, and more. Although designed for use in post-apocalyptic campaign settings, a lot of the content within can be utilised in modern, science-fiction, and in some cases even fantasy worlds with minimal to no conversion effort.

Start a new life in the post-apocalyptic wastes.

Wasteland Wanderers includes ten playable species, as well as sixteen possible sub-species!

The species within include:

  • Humans are found everywhere in the wasteland but are no longer dominant. They can come from a number of origins: Bunker Buddies and Bunker Survivors emerge from protective bunkers into the wasteland, while Wastelanders are born in the ashes of the old world.
  • Bantamites are humanoids who mutated over generations to become a shorter, sturdily-built people.
  • Biosynths are artificial humanoids created by a mysterious organisation to spy on the people of the wasteland.
  • Cats are beasts which make for affectionate if sometimes fickle friends. Sub-species include the Wasteland Cat and the Experimental Cat.
  • Dearg Dubh are mutant humanoids who resemble vampires of legend.
  • Dogs are beasts that can be loyal companions to other wasteland wanderers. Sub-species include the Hound, the Ogre Hound, and the Experimental Hound.
  • Morlocks are mutant humanoids who evolved through a combination of radiation exposure and generations of living in the dark.
  • Ogres are powerful mutant humanoids originally created in experiments to make a super soldier.
  • Robots are machines designed to perform tasks assigned by their creators, but who may now be living an independent existence in the wasteland. Models include the Butlerbot, the Commbot, the Furson, the Mr/Mrs Helper, the Private Helper, the Protectorbot, the Securibot, and the Gen 5 Synthbot.
  • Rotters are humans who have mutated into ghoulish husks after somehow surviving severe or repeated radiation exposure.


Bring a touch of class to a savage world. 

Wasteland Wanderers presents six reimagined, reworked, and original classes designed to suit Post-Apocalyptic worlds. The second edition revitalises these classes with updated features, starting equipment packages (for those who also own Wasteland Wares), and 4 archetypes each – except the Soldier, which has 5!

The classes and archetypes within include:

  • The Savage, a class based on the SRD’s Barbarian with post-apocalyptic appropriate archetypes including the Berserker, the Bulletstormer, the Implacable Hunter, and the Survivor.
  • The Scientist, a new class which focuses on intellect and expertise. Archetypes include theBotanist, the Chem Cook, the Engineer, and the Programmer.
  • The Scoundrel, a class based on the SRD’s Rogue with post-apocalyptic appropriate archetypes including the Con Artist, the Killer, the Rooftop Runner, and a nonmagical variant of the Thief.
  • The Scout, a new class that fills a niche similar to the SRD’s Ranger. These wilderness experts rely on their Instinct to enhance their fortunes, and wield a signature weapon known as their Old Reliable. Archetypes include the Avenger, the Beast Hunter, the Bounty Hunter, and the Guerilla.
  • The Shepherd, a new class that fills a niche similar to the SRD’s Bard. They are political leaders, officers, and similar inspiring figures. Archetypes include the Chronicler, the Commander, the Regent, and the Tyrant.
  • The Soldier, a class based on the SRD’s Fighter with post-apocalyptic appropriate archetypes including the Brawler, the Champion, the Heavy, the Pit Fighter, and the Sharpshooter.
WastelandWanderers_s_scientist.png WastelandWanderers_s_shepherd.png

Develop and customize your wastelander.

Wasteland Wanderers provides numerous other options for building your character, including:

  • New skill and tool proficiencies
  • 15 backgrounds, including the Caravanner, Bunker-Born, Con Artist, Courier, Criminal, Doctor, Follower, Orphan, Performer, Raider, Researcher, Scholar, Tribefolk, Underground Agent, and Veteran.
  • 41 feats


The wasteland plays by its own rules. 

Wasteland Wanderers includes appendices describing new supplemental rules that might apply to your character, including:

  • Rules for Luck
  • Rules for Radiation
  • Rules for Starvation and Dehydration

Compatible with Wasteland Worlds!

Wasteland Wanderers is part of the Wasteland Worlds series, and is best used with other books in the line.

In particular, the player classes in this book assume you have access to the post-apocalyptic inventory of Wasteland Wares. Using both books together enables you to take advantage of the included starting equipment packages and guarantee the weapons your players wield work the way a small number of features and archetypes assume they should. You may wish to use Wasteland Woes is to provide challenges for your players in combat and out, and Wasteland Wheels is a great addition if you want vehicles to be available in your wasteland. You can also give your players even more choices with the additional classes in both Wasteland Warriors and The Stranger: a Wasteland Wanderer!

That said, a lot of the content in Wasteland Wanderers can work with third party books you own with minimal conversion. If you own another publisher’s post-apocalyptic campaign setting and just want additional player options to use with it, Wasteland Wanderers should fit your needs: lift species, archetypes, backgrounds, and feats; or tweak whole classes to work with the rules and equipment lists from your preferred campaign setting!

Easily Referenced. 

Navigation features include a fully hyperlinked table of contents and bookmarks to all chapters.

Character Sheets Now Available!

After your purchase you’ll also have access to 8 character sheets covering various optional rule combinations.

Interactive Preview

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