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Wasteland Wares


Wasteland Wares is crammed with a large variety of equipment, new player options, and a host of rules aimed at facilitation post-apocalyptic play. A lot of the content can be used in modern, science-fiction, and some fantasy worlds.

Wasteland Wares has mutated! Wasteland Wares 2nd Edition is bigger, badder, and better than ever!

Wasteland Wares is crammed full of content, including a large variety of equipment, new player options, and a host of rules aimed at facilitation post-apocalyptic play.  Although designed for use in post-apocalyptic campaign settings, a lot of the content within can be utilised in modern, science-fiction, and in some cases even fantasy worlds with minimal to no conversion effort.

A compendium of riches and rust. 

The primary function of Wasteland Wares is to act an inventory of post-apocalyptic equipment and rules supporting their use in your homebrew campaign worlds and pre-published settings. You could also use much of the content in other kinds of futuristic setting.

Wasteland Wares contains:

  • Guidance on the Wasteland economy, power sources, damage types, and resource scarcity.
  • Rules for crafting and repairs.
  • Lists of armour, power armour, weapons, armour and weapon modifications, explosives, ammunition, and masses of miscellaneous gear.
  • Chems (drugs) and optional rules for addiction.
  • Food, drink, and alcohol, as well as rules for sustenance and drunkenness.
  • A table of Wasteland trinkets.
  • Descriptions and costs for various service industries, trade goods, and livestock that might be available in the wasteland.
  • A selection of robot statblocks.
  • Rules for cybernetics enhancements and implants.
  • Weird properties you can add to weapons and armour.
  • Rules for handling radiation, ammo tracking, equipment breakdowns, loot rewards, and randomly generating loot.


New post-apocalyptic paths! 

Wasteland Wares now includes a selection of player options designed to supplement the character options in Wasteland Wanderers! The new options available are themed around service, and would be excellent choices for wastelanders who have made or continue to make a living as wasteland merchants.

These options include:

  • A brand new class, the Sidekick, which aims to support and bring out the best in its allies. Archetypes include the Apprentice, the Attendant, the Chef, and the Expert.
  • The Enforcer, a new archetype for the Savage. 
  • The Sawbones, a new archetype for the Scoundrel.
  • The Messenger, a new archetype for the Scout.
  • The Trader, a new archetype for the Shepherd.
  • The Guardian, a new archetype for the Soldier.


Easily Referenced. 

Navigation features include a fully hyperlinked table of contents and bookmarks to all chapters.

Compatible with Wasteland Worlds!

Wasteland Wares is part of the Wasteland Worlds series, and is best used with other books in the line. In particular, the equipment in this book is designed to be used by players built using options from Wasteland Wanderers, Wasteland Warriors, and The Stranger: a Wasteland Wanderer. Creatures in Wasteland Woes are equipped with weapons and armour appearing in this book, and adding weapons using the vehicle modification system in Wasteland Wheels assumes access to Wasteland Wares.

That said, a lot of the content in Wasteland Wares can work with third party books you own with minimal to no conversion. If all you want is an additional source of inventory, for Wasteland Wares is perfect for that! You can also use the Sidekick class included in this book regardless of whether or not you have access to other Wasteland Worlds player options.

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