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Wasteland Woes


Wasteland Woes presents seven types of wasteland world for you to play in—desert, flooded, frozen, overgrown, radioactive, tech, and warped!—as well as a variety of environmental hazards, post-apocalyptic traps, wasteland afflictions, and an extensive bestiary of alien, beast, horror, humanoid, machine, mutant, and plant creatures with which to populate your wastelands.

Introducing Wasteland Woes!

Wasteland Woes completes the tetralogy that also includes Wasteland Wanderers, Wasteland Wares, and Wasteland Wheels. Unlike the others, Wasteland Woes is solely for the Guide, providing various threats with which you can challenge your players!

Wasteland Worlds

Inside you’ll find seven types of wasteland world you might use for your campaign—desert, flooded, frozen, overgrown, radioactive, tech, and warped! Everything in the book is tagged so you know at a glance what content is recommended for each wasteland type, but you can ignore those recommendations and mix and match as you like.

Packed with Problems

Wasteland Woes offers a large number of non-combat challenges that include a selection of environmental hazards wastelanders can encounter in each of the seven types of wasteland world, as well as rules for post-apocalyptic traps and wasteland afflictions. The book also includes advice and options aimed at helping the Guide run engaging combats in a world where firearms and explosives are available.

Crowds of Creatures

The majority of the book is given over to an extensive bestiary of 279 alien, beast, horror, humanoid, machine, mutant, and plant creature stat blocks with which to populate your wastelands. Some creatures also have variants, which expands the number of options available to over 300!

Also included are guidelines and examples to help you convert creatures published in other Fifth edition compatible bestiaries!

Rookies and Supporters

In this book’s appendices you’ll also find rules for minor characters:

  • Give Rookie stat blocks to your players and run pre-1st level prologues, or use them as regular stat blocks by including them among your choices when you flesh out the abilities of non-player characters populating your world.
  • Supporting Classes are ideal for when a non-player characters travels alongside your players’ wastelanders. As they mature in experience alongside the party, levels in a Supporting Class help them continue to be effective allies while remaining simpler for the Guide to run at the table than instead adding levels in a player class.

Easily Referenced. 

Navigation features include a fully hyperlinked table of contents and bookmarks to all chapters. This book also includes a number of indexes to help you find the creature stat blocks you need!

Compatible with Wasteland Worlds!

Wasteland Woes is part of the Wasteland Worlds series, and is best used with other books in the line.

In particular, the challenges and rules presented in this book are most compatible with the player classes that appear in Wasteland Wanderers, Wasteland Warriors, and The Stranger: a Wasteland Wanderer. Creatures in this book are equipped with items from Wasteland Wares and can be used to crew vehicles from Wasteland Wheels some creatures even work well during vehicle scale encounters!

That said, a lot of the content in Wasteland Woes can work with third party books you own with minimal conversion. If you own another publisher’s post-apocalyptic campaign setting, you should be able to use the post-apocalyptic challenges and creature stat blocks presented herein just fine.


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