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Arcane Archetypes – Hedge Wizard

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A PDF containing a new archetype for the wizard class! Hedge Wizards are entirely self-taught, and often the subject of scorn. Yet hedge wizards learn creativity, and can make breakthroughs that may be missed by wizards who learn by rote.

Learn to cast magic your own way with this new archetype for the Wizard class!

“A Hedge Wizard is a magician who cannot access proper tutelage due to a lack of funds or willing teachers. They are entirely self-taught, and often the subject of scorn by their better educated peers. And yet hedge wizards are often brilliant—while they may be reproducing knowledge that is already well understood and studied, they are doing so without access to those teachings, starting from scratch. Frankly, it is a sign of their brilliance that they can reproduce the study of magic from first principles. And figuring things out for themselves teaches hedge wizards creativity, allowing them to make breakthroughs that may be missed by wizards taught in formal traditions. The footsteps they follow are those of the first wizards, and they are worthy of as much admiration. One day, your hedge wizard may prove it!

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