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Awesome Options: Signature Powers


A PDF of optional rules for D&D Fifth Edition which introduces per encounter signature powers, adding more tactical variety to player turns.

You can teach an old adventurer new tricks! 

Do you sometimes wish you had more interesting choices during combat rounds? Perhaps you think per encounter powers was one aspect of 4e you’d prefer hadn’t been scrapped?

Awesome Options: Signature Powers is the solution to your woes! This set of variant rules introduces encounter powers, known as signature powers, into the 5e game. While these powers will be particularly interesting to players of fighters and other martial classes who often face the dull reality that their most effective strategy is to repeatedly hit things until they fall over, everyone can gain interesting new tricks from the implementation of this option, and they’re not just for martial characters. Signature powers are not tied to any particular class and there are two types of signature power: maneuvers and thaumaturgies. Magic users will want to look at the thaumaturgies, but shouldn’t discount the maneuvers from consideration! Most are tied to one or more of the six ability scores, including many that work best when used by characters with high Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.

This product includes:

  • Complete rules for using and recovering per-encounter signature powers.
  • The Signature Power Mastery feat, for those who really want to invest in their new powers.
  • 72 signature powers, including:
    • 10 Strength-based maneuvers.
    • 10 Dexterity-based maneuvers.
    • 8 Constitution-based maneuvers.
    • 11 Intelligence-based maneuvers.
    • 10 Wisdom-based maneuvers.
    • 11 Charisma-based maneuvers.
    • 12 thaumaturgies perfect for all types of spellcaster.
    • 14 maneuvers don’t rely on any particular ability.
    • Yes, that all adds up to more than 72, but some maneuvers work well with more than one ability score!

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