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Ghostwalker: Eidolon


Eidolons are heroes that refuse to let death halt them. Instead, an Eidolon is  bound to the material plane within a body of corporeal ectoplasm!

For some heroes, death is merely the next stage of their adventure. 

“A dwarf bedecked in leather armour and a cloak prowls through the twisting, narrow alleys of a city, remaining a careful distance from the crook she’s tracking. Caught briefly under a narrow beam of light from between the shutters of a window overhead she appears pale and strangely translucent. Her cloak flutters around her though there is no wind, and a dagger slowly spins in the air above her outstretched hand.  

A wild-haired elf whose youthful ectoplasmic features are marred by the horrific acidic death of their past life retreats from the fray, trusting their comrades to occupy a foul manticore. The wizard intones words of great power: green energies burn around their right eye and curl from their hands to staff tip as they prepare to cast a powerfully destructive spell.

 Three hobgoblins play dice in the guard room of a grim fort, unaware of the doom approaching. A spectral orc charges right  through the wall, apparently unhindered by the “wounds” in his chest that seep a spectral echo of blood. With a snarl the orc raises his mighty axe on high and thunders towards his hated foes.”

All these are ghostwalkers; each a hero that has not been halted by death but has instead been bound to the material plane and a corporeal form through magical means. Ghostwalkers continue to adventure in an ectoplasmic form known as an eidolon. With minimal lore changes, you could also use these rules to play a PC revenant!

This product contains the following:

  • Rules for Eidolons (ghosts made corporeal, eidolons can still walk the material plane and interact with the living).
  • The full 20-level Ghostwalker class progression.
  • 7 Ghostwalker Paths — Corruptor, Dominator, Eidoloncer, Haunt, Poltergeist, Shaper, and Traveller. Each path collects related ghostly powers. Ghostwalkers get few core features, and instead develop their ghostly abilities in 3 paths as they gain levels.
  • 3 Feats.
  • 27 Spells.

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