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Martial Archetypes – Legendary Hero

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A PDF containing a new archetype for the rogue class! A sapper has the skills to build field defenses, lay and clear minefields, and set up demolitions. An assassin might scale a wall and slit the throat of the watchman atop it. A sapper simply brings the wall down!

Harness mysterious powers to fulfill your destiny as a member of this archetype for the Fighter class!

“Legendary Heroes are warriors tied up in a great destiny, often to save the world and defeat a deadly evil.

Warriors first and foremost, legendary heroes are strong, steadfast, and bold. But their martial skill and dauntless spirit are not the only weapons at their disposal. They also inherit mysterious relics and powers, known as legendary gifts, which better equip them to face their destiny.

These champions are often fated to arise from birth, but can also become chosen after they knowingly or unwittingly satisfy the criteria of a prophecy. They might be chosen by gods or mysterious higher powers, or the inheritor of the strength and hopes of an ancient or advanced civilisation. A rare few are self-made, forging themselves into fated heroes through a combination of iron will and the rare fortune to stumble upon and prove themselves worthy of a legendary gift.”

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martial archetypes - legendary hero
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