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Monastic Archetypes – Prognosticator Militant

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A PDF containing a new archetype for the rogue class! A sapper has the skills to build field defenses, lay and clear minefields, and set up demolitions. An assassin might scale a wall and slit the throat of the watchman atop it. A sapper simply brings the wall down!

Wield the weapon of foreknowledge as a member of this new order for the monk class!

“The Order of the Prognosticators Militant is a sect of warrior monks dedicated to the Red Knight that seeks out children with divinatory gifts. Typically such seers as the Order recruits are blind, the price they pay for their sight beyond sight.

Though physically blind, a Prognosticator Militant is taught to channel their divinatory powers to replace their eyes. In spite of their eyeless masks they flow gracefully through combat entirely unimpeded, a sight to instill fear in any foe.”

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monastic archetypes - prognosticator militant
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