Draconomicon: Purple Dragons

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One of three “Lost Chromatic Dragons”, the orange dragon is a powerful and cunning predator. Its unusual breath weapon covers targets is in volatile explosive oil.

Discover the truth behind unconfirmed sightings of purple dragons abroad, and tear your heroes apart with tremendous force energy!

“Purple dragons believe themselves to be the rightful lords of all dragonkind. Exceptionally arrogant and haughty, they seek out other dragons to defeat in battle and prove their superiority. A superiority that is difficult to question, for among all chromatic dragons, only reds can rival their strength and size. Furthermore, purple dragons are amongst the most intelligent of all the dragons, and they are inherently magical, possessing a unique breath weapon of magical force energy that they can shape into one of several forms as they exhale.

One of three “Lost Chromatic Dragons”, the purple dragon is a proud and arrogant creature that believes itself superior to all others. Its unusual breath weapon takes the form of a cone of force energy, slashing force blades, or a burst of brilliant, blinding light.

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