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Boldly Going 2

Boldly Going introduces new content for your Spelljammer: Adventures in Space campaign. In this supplement you will find the Oath of Federation (a Paladin Oath), the Star Dog (a Ranger Archetype), the Space Jam feat and 4 new magic items; also included is a discussion on some particularly suitable deities for Spelljammer heroes.

Today is a good day to roll a die! 

Boldly Going 2: Followers of Feyless introduces new content for your Spelljammer: Adventures in Space campaign. 

In this supplement you will find:

The Knoglins

A long time ago a hobgoblin clan known as the knoglins decided that the cruel Archfey of their court was more trouble than they were worth. They banded together behind a warrior who abandoned their original name and claimed the name Feyless, slew the Archfey, and left the Feywild behind for the Astral Plane. The knoglins have since become a highly militant culture that controls a massive and powerful Wildspace Empire. They value honour and glory in battle above all, and believe in making their own success rather than relying on gods and other “higher” powers.

Player character traits for knoglins are provided (though you can also use either the current or legacy hobgoblin traits). Dungeon Masters are recommended to use hobgoblin stat blocks to represent knoglin NPCs.

Image preview of a two page spread including knoglin racial traits

The Stellar Soldier (a Fighter Archetype)

Like other fighters, stellar soldiers seek martial supremacy, but their chosen path is uniquely suited to the demands of Wildspace and fighting as part of a spelljamming ship’s crew. Warriors in the Knoglin Empire’s navy often choose this path, but stellar soldiers also appear among other Wildspace-faring cultures.

Stellar soldiers know that being an effective crewmember aboard a spelljamming ship requires more than just mere combat skill. They recognise that in the strange and often hostile realms of Wildspace and the Astral Sea some knowledge of magic may save lives, including their own, and so supplement their martial training with magical studies primarily focused in two of the eight schools of magic: evocation and conjuration. Their knowledge of magic also enables a stellar soldier to take the spelljamming helm when necessary.

You can think of a stellar soldier as being a variant eldritch knight that focuses on a mystic bond with the vehicle they own or crew on rather than bonding with a weapon. They are primarily able to choose evocation and conjuration spells (as well as dunamancy spells published in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, if they are available and with your Dungeon Master’s permission). The connecting a stellar soldier has to a bonded vehicle comes with many advantages: they find it easier to control it, repair it, or perform any crew duty aboard it; they are less likely to fall overboard and can teleport around their bonded vehicle or even to it from nearby; and they can load, aim, or fire a shipboard weapon aboard the bonded vehicle more quickly. A stellar soldier can also reduce damage to a vehicle they control from collisions, limit damage and secondary effects of a spell they cast to any vehicle in its area. Higher level stellar soldiers fight even more effectively while aboard a vehicle than they do on land, and their experience on a rolling deck helps them ignore nonmagical difficult terrain. A stellar soldier’s loyalty to craft and crew is such that they find strength they didn’t know they possessed when either their ship or ally is in a dire situation.

Image preview of a two page spread including the Stellar Soldier's Stellar Magic feature and their spellcasting table.

2 Items of Mundane Equipment

This section describes the bet’lith and mak’lith, two of the traditional weapons of the Knoglin Empire.

3 Magic Items

The spelljamming helm of shielding functions as a standard spelljamming helm, but the spelljammer can also shield specific areas of the ship (or the entire ship) as though by the forbiddance and nondetection spells.

The knoglin spelljamming helm has all the features of a spelljamming helm of shielding and the spelljammer can also turn the ship and everyone aboard invisible.

The sword of Feyless is an artefact level bet’lith blade wielded by Feyless when they slew the knoglins’ Archfey and carved a path out from the Feywild.

The Space Jam feat allows a character to hide themselves—and also their ship—from the effects of divination spells.

Birds of Prey

The bird of prey is an all new spelljamming vehicle, complete with its own deckplan, game statistics, and a keyed description of each area. The pdf is bundled with gridded and gridless versions of this deckplan for your use on virtual tabletops.

Image preview of a two page spread including the Bird of Prey Deck Plan and descriptions of its air envelope, 3 wing modes, and general features

2 Stat Blocks

Knoglins are served by tamed beasts, and one such creature is the space ray. In addition to the stat block of this huge beast, you’ll also find a stat block for the knoglin space ray rider.

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