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Boldly Going


Boldly Going introduces new content for your Spelljammer: Adventures in Space campaign. In this supplement you will find the Oath of Federation (a Paladin Oath), the Star Dog (a Ranger Archetype), the Space Jam feat and 4 new magic items; also included is a discussion on some particularly suitable deities for Spelljammer heroes.

Boldly go where few adventurers have gone before! 

Boldly Going introduces new content for your Spelljammer: Adventures in Space campaign. 

In this supplement you will find:

The Oath of Federation (a Paladin Oath)

Paladins who take the Oath of Federation are joining a union of like-minded individuals throughout Wildspace, many of whom are in or work towards positions of influence. Their fervent wish is to unite the worlds for the purpose of peaceful coexistence, cultural exchange, shared knowledge, and mutual advancement and defense. Of their tenets, a core philosophy all paladins who swear this oath abide by is that no interactions should occur with the people of a world if that world hasn’t developed its own spelljamming ships.

Paladins who take this Oath have bonus spells and features that help them peacefully navigate first contact situations, covertly infiltrate pre-spelljamming worlds, teleport, and benefit from mutual defense with their allies.

The Star Dog (a Ranger Archetype – that is also compatible with our Explorer class!)

Some rangers feel the pull of Wildspace and the Astral Sea, dedicating themselves to exploring these strange and fascinating realms aboard spelljamming ships. They use their skills and magical talent to become indispensable members of any crew. In the fullness of time these “star dogs” generally become officers and eventually captains of their own vessels, charting their own course among the stars.

Star Dogs extend the benefits of their favoured terrain to spelljamming ships and wrecks as well as Wildspace and astronomical objects within it. Their bonus spells and features grant them abilities that help them survive in Wildspace, teleport short distances, make them invaluable aboard a spelljamming ship, and allow them to excel as a ship’s officer. So talented and skilled are Star Dogs that they catch the eye of gods whom include Wildspace and spelljamming among their portfolio. The favour of such deities manifests in the ability to summon a star spirit to aid them.

Spelljamming Deities

This sidebar discusses the types of god that might make good choices for a Spelljammer: Adventures in Space character’s chosen deity (or in the Star Dog’s case, a deity who takes an interest in the character). It includes a list of 18 gods from the Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, and Eberron campaign settings.

1 New Feat

The Space Jam feat allows a character to hide themselves—and also their ship—from the effects of divination spells.

4 Magic Items

The inked orrery acts as a wildspace orrery tattoed on your character’s own skin.

The multiversal translator is a magical ear cuff (or a parasitic brain worm created by psurlon!) that allows its wearer to understand other languages and be understood.

The officer’s insignia comes in seven varieties: ensign, lieutenant, commander, captain, rear admiral, vice admiral, and admiral. While attuned and wearing an insignia prominently you find it easier to influence members of your crew as well as friendly creatures, but you are also immune to the influence exerted by other characters whose insignia is of an equal or lesser rank to your own.

The phasing wand of radiance fires a beam of radiant energy. If you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with the wand, you can choose to knock the creature out rather than kill it.

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